Taça do Algarve - Algarve Cup

The biggest Portuguese tournament for table hockey so far.  Join the Algarve sun and nice climate and join in with the best Portuguese players, some Swedish immigrants, and above all our ITHF president!

Venue: Mercado Levante - close to the main bus station in Lagos.

Time: 12.00 for the first face off.  Lunch 14.00 - 15.00  Group stage 15.00 - 16.00  Play offs 16.00 - 18.30.

Schedule: Round Robin, everyone meets everyone in one round.

Lunch break at Snack Bar Solar (100 meters from the Venue). 

The top eight in A-group for one round, and thereafter play off. 

The rest in a B-group for one round, and thereafter play off. 

Best of five matches throughout the play offs.  Bronze match will be played parallell to the final.

A dinner banquet will be held before (!) the games on Saturday the 27/4, at restaurant O Pinguim at 19.30 - price around € 15 per person.

Contact: Micael@qnr.se / +46733227711 

Registrered players:

# Name                          Club                          World rank

1  Bjarne Axelsen         Katran                           62

2 Anette Engel             Team Axelsen BHK   168

Micael Myrén            Lagos Clube HdM      703

Alexandre Pita          CdEst. do Seixal       1570

5 Andre Pagaime         AMBN Moita            1576

6 Joao Neves                CdEst. do Seixal       1608

7 Andre Palminha       CdEst. do Seixal       2150            

8 Carlos Boinas            CdEst. do Seixal       2257

9 Miguel Verrisimo     CdEst. do Seixal       2541

10 Bo Börjesson           Lagos Clube HdM   2617 

11 Bruno Fernandes    AMBN Moita           3024

12 Staffan Baaz            Lagos Clube HdM   3844

13 Mariana Saraiva    CdEst. do Seixal       4319

14 Peter Appelqvist    Lagos (no club)        4329

15 Afonso Costa          AMBN Moita            4388

16 Olof Lotström        Lagos (no club)        5577   

17 Christer Engström Lagos (no club)        NE